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Housed in the ambit of the glorious heritage building, an Anglo - Indian architectural marvel, Amar Singh College has the unique prestige and honour of having served the society for more than a century. The college started first in November 1913 as Amar Singh Technical Institute to teach students art, culture and basic skills like masonry, carpentry etc and was formally opened by Maharaja Pratap Singh on 29th May 1914. The Technical Institute was converted into Amar Singh College in June 1942 through bifurcation of Sri Pratap College. The year 2017 holds a special place in the academic history of Amar Singh College as it marks the platinum jubilee year of the foundation of the college as a seat of higher learning. The historical, social, and educational pre-eminence of the college hardly needs any reiteration. Beginning the journey under the leadership of Dr. M. D. Taseer, an eminent intellectual of the Indian subcontinent, the Hall of Fame of the college includes most prominent academicians of their respective fields who through their hard work and dedication have brought the college to its present prestige and place The distinguished alumni of the college have made a mark in various walks of life both locally and internationally. A galaxy of academic luminaries has been serving in the institution since 1942 and this tradition continues till date. The college which is located near Bakshi Stadium with Gogji Bagh to its East, Ram Bagh to its West, Iqbal Park to its North and Tulsi Bagh on its Southern side, spreads over 35 hectares (145553m2) of land constituted of infrastructure buildings amounting to a total build-up area of about 30000m2 including , a large playground, parks, and gardens. The college embarked upon a programme of diversification in a planned and systematic manner. The journey towards excellence, the academic journey of the college took off in 1942 with just two streams ¬- Non-Medical and Arts besides having the distinction of conducting PG classes in English and Economics in late forties. Since then the institution has made tremendous strides in terms of the variety of subjects and courses it offers. Medical stream was introduced in 1982 followed by the introduction of a wide spectrum of disciplines including Islamic Studies (1993), Philosophy, Sociology and Tourism Studies and Travel Management (1997), Statistics (1998), IGNOU Study Centre (1999), BCA (2001), Psychology (2002), Functional English (2004), PG Geography (2005), Commerce (2010), and English Honours (2011), and quite recently five-year Integrated Courses in various subjects. From 1942 to 2017, from merely a college offering few courses to the Nodal College Kashmir and one of the constituent colleges of the Cluster University Srinagar, from a drop of few students to an ocean of students, from a faint whisper to a thunderous roar, Amar Singh College has come a long way in the past 75 years. Through the decades of turmoil, the recent floods and other upheavals, Amar Singh College has stood as a testimony to its motto of ‘عَلَّمَ الْإِنْسَانَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ: Light more Light’ and serving the society. The platinum jubilee celebration marks a memorable occasion for our students, teachers, alumni, and others associated with this esteemed institution and I am personally glad to be leading the institution during the fête.

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