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Welcome to the department of Education. By education I mean an all round drawing out of the best in child and man's body, mind and spirit’ following this quote of Mahatma Gandhi our department focus on intellectual, moral, spiritual, socio-cultural & physical development of the students. I believe for the overall development of the students it is important to know what are they learning, where from are they learning, how are they learning and whom from are they learning. I advice all the students to focus on quality learning and work hard for getting the work they want to do.

About Us

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Department of Education was started in the year 1942 and since then Education is taught as one of the core subject at Undergraduate level. The main aim of our department is to provide quality based education to the students. The focus of the department is on the overall personality development of a student. The stress is given on the development of wisdom besides knowledge. Latest pedagogies and new age technologies are used for imparting knowledge to the students. The scope of Education is very vast. It aims at improving teaching learning process and making the whole education system effective and efficient. It helps a student to be an efficient teacher, a great educationist, a good educational administrator, effective educational planner & policy maker, innovative educational technologist, incredible researcher, a better guide etc. Every year around 250 students opt Education as one of the core subject in our college and three permanent faculty are currently working in the department. The faculty of the department is committed towards providing high quality education to its students and making innovations in teaching & learning. Education department is working hard towards the goal of providing quality, innovative and skill based education with high standards to achieve academic excellence in all the fields associated with Education.

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KASIRA ALMHED00010128 Asstt. Professor View CV
RAZIA SAMOON ALMHED00010138 Asstt. Professor View CV
SUZAIN RASHID ALMHED00010129 Asstt. Professor View CV

Amar Singh College (Urdu: امر سنگھ کالج سرینگر, Kashmiri: اَمرسنگھ ژاٹٕھل سِرینگر) is an academic & professional college in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is the second oldest college in the Kashmir Valley after Sri Pratap College. Read more..

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